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Orthodontics is a budding career in the field of medical science. Earlier everyone went to a dentist if any pain or other issues occurred to our teeth. The situation has changed a lot within the last few years. Supreme care for your teeth can now be provided by an orthodontist. Orthodontics is a specialization in dentistry. For becoming an orthodontist, one has to first complete their bachelor’s degree in dentistry and then have to undergo another two years of specialized training for becoming an orthodontist. Most of the dentists working in America are registered with American association of orthodontists.

The Role of an Orthodontist in Dentistry

Orthodontics is a specialty job which deals with the alignment of the teeth and jaw of the patient. Orthodontists are not visited for treating our decayed tooth or for tooth pain. They take care of issues like improper bite conditions, improper teeth alignment, replacing a lost tooth, and correcting broken tooth. They can perform surgical procedures for bringing about major changes in your teeth. Orthodontics is the first recognized major specialization in the dental field.

For correcting your teeth, there may be situations to make the alignment of the jaws for matching the upper jaw and the lower jaw, perfectly. If the jaws are not aligned, there are chances of getting injuries in the teeth and the gums while eating. Even though the teeth may all seem to be in-line; the out of sync jaws can create a major problem if not surgically corrected. This procedure is done by an orthodontist.

One of the major procedure to which an orthodontist is greatly associated is the used of braces. Braces are given to patients by an orthodontist for correcting alignment issues of the patient’s teeth. Protruding teeth can be pulled back with the use of braces. Braces are of different types and varieties. The type of brace used in a patient is selected only after evaluating a patient. Another major cause for visiting an orthodontist is for whitening the teeth. With bad dental habits, gastric issues, or due to genetic reasons; the color of teeth may become yellow in appearance.

These can be changed to white by medications and procedures like the use of veneers. Veneers are substances which are semi liquid in appearance, but once they solidify they will resemble human teeth. Veneer moulds are taken by orthodontist for making the right kind of brace or a new tooth for the patient. An orthodontist gets a good amount as their salary and benefits. They have formed associations for looking after the welfare of fellow orthodontists. One such organization is the American association of orthodontists.

Role of American Association of Orthodontics

The American association of Orthodontists is abbreviated as AAO and is the professional association for orthodontists in America. About 95 percent of the orthodontists in America have membership in this association. Additionally, all of these orthodontists are also dentists and thus have membership in the American Dental Association as well. The association has its headquarters at Creve Coeur, Missouri. Another prominent aspect is that this association has also affiliations with the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

Orthodontists are specialized dental specialists who are engaged in treating orthodontic problems. They are to complete a minimum of two years of study in an accredited institution if they are to serve as orthodontists in hospitals. The association makes it mandatory that only orthodontists be part of the association. This means that membership does not extend to general dentists and surgeons. Annual sessions and meetings are often conducted by the association members where they conduct seminars and discuss issues related to orthodontics. Some of these lectures and seminars are headed by prominent orthodontists from prime hospitals of America. To maximize your benefits on availing these Orthodontics treatments, why not provide yourself with orthodontics insurance. Give yourself the chance to have a perfect smile while protecting yourself in the process!